Rubber Mixing Mill

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  1. Lab Rubber Mixing Mill Machine

    * Two roll rubber mixing mills machine* Used to mixing Rubber, Synthetic Rubber, EVA compound or PVC pallets
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  2. Twin Roller Plastic Mixing Mills

    *Two roll rubber mixing mill*Made of chilled cast iron, whose surface is hard and anti-wear*Made of chilled cast iron, the roll surface is hard and anti-wear
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  3. 2 Roll Rubber Mixing Mill Machine

    *Two Roller mixing mills with water cool function*consists of roll, bearing, gap adjusting device, electric control system, safety device, etc.*Used in rubbers and plastics industry for polymer mixing
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  4. Dual Roll Type Rubber Mixing Mill Machine

    *Two roll lab rubber mixing mill machine* Perfect for plasticizing,mixing,thermal refining and sheeting of rubber(plastic)* Wildly used for tyre factory,conveyor belt factory,reclaimed rubber factory and shoes factory,etc.
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  5. 3 Roller Rubber Mixing Mills Machine

    * Three rolls rubber mixing mills machine*Used for plastic industry polymer material mixing and processing* Making the raw material and compound mixing
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  6. 2 Rubber Mixing Mill with Water Cooling System

    * Laboratory 2 roll rubber mixing mill machine* Used to mix equipment to mix the raw material and ingredients evenly
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  7. Rubber Two Roll Mixing Mills with Oil Controller System

    *Two roll mixing mill with oil temperature controller*Chilled alloy cast iron roll*Easy to operate and maintain
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  8. Two Roll Mill Banbury Mixer Machine

    * Two roller rubber mixign mills machine*Used to mixing rubber ,pvc raw material*Adopts special heated mold, roll surface temperature uniformity,
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  9. 2 Roll Lab Mixing Mills Machine

    * High quality 2 rolls rubber mixing mills* Used to mixing plastic ,pvc ,rubber etc* Widely used for unversity laboratory,R&D Lab usage
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  10. 2 Roll Rubber Mixing Mills

    *Used for mixing and kneading raw rubber, synthetic rubber* Two rolls with different relative rotation speed, rubber roller into two slot by mechanical processing* Used for mixing rubber ,pvc ,plastic raw material
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  11. Two Roller Rubber Mixing Mills

    *Rolls material is chilled cast alloy iron which hardness is reach to 70HB*Equipped with an overload protection device to prevent the major components from being damaged
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